Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy represents an ongoing concern for PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) and companies affiliated to it (mother company, subsidiaries, etc.) (hereinafter referred to as PANJA (ECAPP B.V.)) in ensuring the protection of the private lives of users of the services described hereinafter in view of current regulations and in particular, Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedom.
The current Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use governing the games and software applications provided by PANJA (ECAPP B.V.), in particular via third-party social network platforms (hereinafter referred to as “Platforms”), including all content, all services and all features accessed via these games and software applications (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Services”).
In particular, the current Privacy Policy aims to inform you of the general policy implemented by PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) in terms of protecting personal data collected and processed as a result of using the Services governed by the aforementioned Terms and Conditions of Use.
By accessing and/or using the Services, you explicitly accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and, as a consequence, agree to the gathering, retaining, using and divulging of your personal data, as described herein.
You are hereby advised that the Privacy Policy can be modified by PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) at any time. With this in mind, by continuing to use and/or access the Services after the last-modified date of any changes, you will be deemed to have accepted these changes as modified. You are therefore invited to regularly consult the Privacy Policy to ensure you are up-to-date with any potential changes.


1.    Data collected by PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) via the Platforms
The data collected and processed are willingly supplied by you to PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) through the Platforms by agreeing to access and use the Services from these Platforms. At a minimum, such data will include your name, profile photo, sex, your network(s), username, the user ID numbers of your friends and/or people belonging to your network(s) and other information supplied by you to all users of the Platforms. If applicable, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) is also likely to collect, still via the Platforms, any additional data you may agree to supply to it (e.g., your email address). As all personal data are supplied directly to PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) by the Platforms, it is deemed that you have read and agreed to the Platforms’ terms and conditions of use and their privacy policy. PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) shall not be held liable for the way in which Platforms act in terms of collecting, storing and processing your personal data. In addition, you are responsible for the privacy settings of your accounts on the Platforms in such a way that PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) cannot be held liable in this regard.

2.    Data collected by PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) directly
Through provision of its Services, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) may also collect data from you directly. As such, by using certain features within the Services which require online payment, you agree that your bank details, email address and/or your telephone number may be collected in compliance with current regulations in force. Within the context of using its Services and/or related official spaces (dedicated official spaces on the Platforms, support website, etc.), PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) may also invite you to participate in promotional events (contests, free sweepstakes, etc.). Participation in these promotional events implies your full and complete agreement to the collection, storage and processing of any personal data you supply. If applicable, and within the context of using the Services, the number of points you collect may be retained in order to determine your rank/level with the particular purpose of defining player rankings. By using the Services, you agree, in particular, that your score, your rank/level, your ID and your photo be listed in the overall player ranking, which all users of the Services will be able to view. Furthermore, when you contact PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) directly via its support service, the latter may collect and store your contact data (in particular your name, mailing address and email address) and, where applicable, your user ID number for the Platforms from where you access and use the Services, as well as some information relating to your use of the Services that you will provide to PANJA (ECAPP B.V.). Finally, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) may need to collect aggregate data in order to be able to provide an optimized level of Services. This may include data such as your IP address, browser type, browser language, number of clicks, pages viewed and also, more generally, browsing and connection data.

PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) collects, stores and processes your personal data with the aim of enabling you to access and use its Services effectively. Data collected from the Platforms and/or directly from you enable in particular the better administration and improvement of the Services, communication between users of the Services, the supply of technical support and efficient responses to user requests, proper application of the Terms and Conditions of Use, which govern PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) Services, communication about new and current Services along with promotional offers, the analysis of user traffic trends and the collection of statistical data or even the targeting of advertising content that may appear on our Services. When you receive promotional communications on behalf of PANJA (ECAPP B.V.), you will have the opportunity to put and end to them by following the unsubscribe instructions contained in the communication itself.

Your data will not be provided to third parties, except in the following cases:

1.    when PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) must share your data with commercial partners, suppliers, service providers and in particular, technical service providers, resellers and buyers, with the aim of providing Services, resolving functionality problems of Services, communicating with users of the Services or with a view to providing advertising and promotional information related to Services;

2.    in particular, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) supplies your data to third parties that provide services on their behalf, including payment processing, data analysis, email campaign processing, the hosting of Services and the processing of certain marketing activities for its Services;

3.    PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) may communicate your data in applying a law, regulation or in accordance with a decision from an appropriate regulating or legal authority or, if it proves necessary, with the aim of safeguarding its rights and interests;

4.    PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) will be authorized to transfer your data in compliance with article 10 of the present regulations in the event of a change of control of PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) or a cessation of all or part of its activities.

5.    when you have given prior agreement to the sharing and/or divulging of your data, including by features offered on the Platforms;

We would like to draw your attention in particular to the fact that by using certain PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) Services via the Platforms, other users of these Services will be able to view your user profile for these Platforms. This profile may enable other users to obtain information associated with this profile made public by you. PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) cannot be held liable in this regard. The settings for information associated with your profile are your responsibility. PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) does not share your personal data with third-party advertisers for marketing purposes unless you have provided prior consent for it. Nevertheless, it should be noted that advertisers may obtain personal data which relates to you from your user profile on the Platforms or from other public sources. In the same way, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) shall not be held responsible in this regard. On the other hand, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) may use and share certain non-personal technical or aggregate data relating to the browsing of Services users with certain third parties. Please refer to article 7 for a few examples of browsing data. PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) may allow advertisers to collect this type of technical or aggregate data using certain technology such as cookies and to do so in order to be able to offer targeted advertising within the more general context of personalizing your user experience. The gathering, processing and divulging of such anonymous data shall not be subject to the restrictions cited in the current privacy policy.

PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) does its absolute best to protect your personal data and therefore to limit the risk of any loss, deterioration or incorrect use of it. As such, when you enter sensitive information such as a credit card number or password while using our Services, we encode said information using the “SSL” cryptographic protocol (for more information about SSL, go to In spite of the security measures undertaken, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) shall not guarantee the transporting and integrity of data transmitted to third parties through the Services (for example, when buying Physical and Virtual Products) and cannot be held liable in this regard. You accept in particular the limits and risks inherent to using the Internet and you promise as of now to take all preventive measures available to you to safeguard the privacy of your personal data (including any potential account passwords required to use the Services).

6.    SAFEGUARDING OF YOUR DATA Your personal data is stored with the host identified in the Legal Section and are held for the period of time necessary for carrying out the aforementioned purposes. Beyond this period of time, they will be kept exclusively for statistical purposes and will not be used in any other way whatsoever.

7.    COOKIES Within the context of facilitating your access and use of the Services, of personalizing this access and use and also of enabling us to manage the advertising which may be viewed from our Services, you are advised that PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) is likely to apply an automatic tracking procedure (cookie). A cookie does not enable you to be identified. On the other hand, it records information relating to your computer’s browsing of sites from where you have accessed the Services and other associated areas (pages you have viewed, the date and time of viewing, etc.) that we will be able to read during your subsequent visits.
However, you can opt to turn off “Cookies” by configuring your browser according to the instructions indicated on the Wikihow website here:’s-Cookies. Please note that configuring your browser in this way may change the quality of the Services.

The Services may contain links to third-party websites. Likewise, certain Services content (advertising related or otherwise) may be hosted with third parties. Finally, within the context of certain Services features requiring online payment, you may be asked to use secure payment tools provided by third-party companies.
PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) cannot be held liable for practices relating to the collection, storage and processing of personal data by these third parties and/or the content of their websites. You warrant PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) against any complaint, action and procedure initiated in this regard.
If you have any questions about the use of your personal data by these third parties, you should refer to their applicable privacy policies and contact the third-party companies directly.

For the purposes of the Services’ functioning, personal data collected by PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) are hosted in the USA. PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) and its host respect the SafeHarbor framework as cited by the Department of Trade concerning the collection, use and retention of online user data from the European Union. PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) takes all reasonable measures to ensure that your data are processed in complete security and in compliance with this Privacy Policy.
By submitting your data to PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) and, more generally, by accessing and using the Services, you agree to the transfer, storage and/or processing of your data in the USA.

10.                 CESSATION / TRANSFER
PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) reserves the right to transfer your personal data in the event of a change of control or the cessation of all or part of its activities, in particular through acquisition or merger with another company.
In such a case, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) will use all means to warn users of any such transfer and if applicable, any change affecting the Privacy Policy.

The Services offered by PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) are not intended for children under 13. Anyone under 13 should not use the Services.
With this in mind, PANJA (ECAPP B.V.) does not willingly collect personal data from children under 13. All the same, if the collection of such data is brought to the attention of PANJA (ECAPP B.V.), we will take all useful measures possible to delete the corresponding data.

In compliance with legal provisions, you have a general right to access, edit and delete your personal data which have been collected pursuant to your access to and/or use of the Services.
Regarding data collected via the Platforms in particular, you can access and edit such data directly from the personal area available to you on these Platforms. If you have no personal area, you should refer to the Platforms’ access and editing policy.

13.                 ANY QUESTIONS?
If you have any questions about PANJA (ECAPP B.V.)’ Services or Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us via email at