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How does it work?


Panja involves multiple games. Panja is brilliant in its simplicity. You simply challenge your company to carry out hilarious assignments or answer bizarre questions. Instead of points you earn drinks, or to be exact: in stead of handing out penalties, you slowly but surely drown the opposing team in liquids of choice. Bang on Panja. Teach them a lesson, them losers ...



Half Minuutje

Doen of Drinken?

Boefje of braafmans, watje of daredevil: speel het slim en win.


Party like a pro. Leuker dan lachgas!

Weg. Gone. Loesoe.

Alleen voor de echte die-hards: de heftigste ronde. Level up or black out!

Meerdere thema's

Elke game heeft meerdere levels, variërend van een basic Warming Up tot meer uitdagende levels zoals Doen of Drinken?, Fissa of Weg. Gone. Loesoe! Je speelt één tegen één of in teamverband. 

Prefer a card game?


In addition to the app, Panja also has a paper version. This is all about the game cards. They give you and your friends - the most hilarious challenges where you should not be afraid of public exposure, because even your social media is used as a weapon.


What does an evening with Panja look like?

Play for the honor, for the credits, or for the deposit: you will win a great night anyway. Get your game on!

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